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TKO webboard

The first thai boxing webboard when you think about boxing.
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 йFreeware*ѺѴ红šèҨ÷ҧ (Log

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Champ PABA
Champ PABA

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Registration date : 07/05/2008

йFreeware*ѺѴ红šèҨ÷ҧ (Log Empty
ตั้งหัวข้อเรื่อง: йFreeware*ѺѴ红šèҨ÷ҧ (Log   йFreeware*ѺѴ红šèҨ÷ҧ (Log EmptyWed May 07, 2008 12:17 pm

Сȡзǧ෤ʹС ͧ ѡࡳѡҢŨҨ÷ҧͧԡ .. ˹ ԡáҶ֧к͢¤ (Access Service Provider) 觼ԡèФͺ ѷ ҧҹ, ç¹ , ç ,;ѡ,˹§ҹҪ ҹ͹աҧ͢ ˹ҷ红ŨҨ÷ҧ ѧ
1. Log աúѹ֡աҶ֧к͢ кض֧ǵԷ㹡Ҷ֧͢ (Access Logs Specific to Authentication and Authorization Servers TACACS (Terminal Access Control Access-Control System) or RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) or DIAMETER (Used to Control Access to IP Router or Network Access Servers)
2.ǡѺѹ ҡõԴͧͧ͢ԡͧԡ (Date and time of Connection of Client to Server)
3.ǡѺͷкصǵ (User ID)
4.ŢشԹ絷١˹кԡ (Assigned IP Address)
5.ŷ֧͡Ţ·¡ (Calling Line Identification)

еͧ红ҹͺѹ֡Ͷ èѴ¡ 90 ѹ ҡԹ ١ǨͺҨ١Ѻ٧ش ֧ 500,000 ҷ

ͺ´ ˹§ҹҪ ͧö繡͢Ѻ Work shop õԴ Դ س 089-7575191

*Freeware ¤ԢԷ ҹ١ͧ

ѷ ʨի ӡѴ 298/16 .5 .͹ . .§ 50180 .053-122921
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йFreeware*ѺѴ红šèҨ÷ҧ (Log
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