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The first thai boxing webboard when you think about boxing.
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 ѧÔ Ѻ쓨ҧҧ˭ ǹԵ

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sugar ray
World Superflyweight Champion
World Superflyweight  Champion
sugar ray

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ѧÔ Ѻ쓨ҧҧ˭ ǹԵ Empty
ตั้งหัวข้อเรื่อง: ѧÔ Ѻ쓨ҧҧ˭ ǹԵ   ѧÔ Ѻ쓨ҧҧ˭ ǹԵ EmptyWed Jan 24, 2007 9:27 am

ҪФ誡Ҥ ѧ ѧ㨿ͧ ҧ˭ .ԭ յ Ѳѡ ١ѹ ѡ ͧҡ ҧ ꡫ駔 ç ѵغó ¤Ҫա ¡˭Թҹ 5 ..ԡ ¢ͧ ҧ˭ ҡ͡Ѻ ͹Ѳ ķ ҡ˹
ҧҧ˭ .ԭ ҡոҪ šѺѲѡ ١ѹ ҡä ͹ ͧ Ѳѡ ´٢ ٹҨմա ´ѹ ҧ˭ हظþѴҪФṹŧҾԡ͡ ԴҴ ҧáҧ ꡫ駔 ç ѵغó ¤Ҿ٨ա ¡֡Ҫѹç ѴԹҹ 5 ..ǷҪԹ
ҧҹ ѧ ˹Ҥ Ѵä .ԭ . .ոҪ ѧ㹿êͧ ҧ˭ 㹤ѧѡ ҨҪФ誡ŧҡ ͧҡ ա Ƿҧ¢ѹҨա
ҡԧѹ ѧ㨿ê ͧչзҧسç¹Ҿ٨ա ࿹繿索Ҵͧ ҧ˭ ͹价ҺѺ ͹Ѳ ԧʹ ԧʹͧ͹仔 ѧ ػ
¡ùѴ蹴 .ԹԵ ʹ¹ .ྪþ,٨ .ó ԧͧ .С, ԧͧ ط Ҵ, ѡ ԧͧ Ѱࢵ 99,⤺Ź Ӣǹ ʹ .ǧͧ, ͧ § .Ҫ,ШԺ 99,ط .ʧ¹ ͡ .͹ѹ
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ѧÔ Ѻ쓨ҧҧ˭ ǹԵ
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